Traditional on-site training leaves the student with their notes and an Adcole machine manual once the trainer leaves.  Adcole Online Video training remains accessible, without the need for a trainer, for a full year! Student lessons are task-based and short.  This allows them to refresh their memory as needed, or to study advanced uses of the gage.

A price comparison between traditional on-site Operator training and Adcole Video Training quickly shows the advantage of the latter:

Adcole Service–Factory Operator Training, 3 days ($1240 per day) : $3720

Hotel: $300

Meals: $120

Airfare: $700

Auto Rental: $350

Travel Time: (5 hours): $550

Manuals: (3 students): $1500

Total: $7240


Total: $5000 for a Full Year of Access to Adcole Video Training (see discount below)

All prices are for per user, but group pricing is also available.  Contact us with your needs and we will send you a competitive quotation.

A Special Offer for Early Subscribers:

While in development, we will be adding approximately one lesson every two weeks, building each suite of video training as we go.  After approximately one year, the library will be complete and the price will increase. Because material will be limited as we build our library, we are offering a discounted one year membership service to Early Subscribers.  Each will receive an email with the discounted offer after the three sample videos.  After the the first year, Early Subscribers will be allowed to continue at the discounted pricing structure for one additional year.  Note that we are continually adding training modules to each suite, so the value will increase over time.  Once the core subjects are addressed with a video for each, these prices WILL increase for new students.  However, at any price, one year of Online Adcole Video Training still gives massive value when compared to on-site training.

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