How This Works

Adcole Training Videos

Our training suites are divided into three categories:

  • Training for Adcole Service Electricians
  • Training for Manufacturing Engineers and Suppliers
  • Training for Adcole Operators and Programmers

Each module teaches a concept or task and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You do not need any prior experience with the product and modules need not be followed in any particular order.  A single flat charge gives you access to all videos for one year — all for less than one on-site Adcole Service call.

To show you the value of this training, we are giving away 3 of our videos at no charge.  Simply sign up for our training intro by filling in your name and email.  We’ll send you special links so you can watch one training module in each of the three categories!

Note: This mailing list is separate from the Adcole Newsletter, intended for those who are especially interested in this training opportunity.