Adcole Video Training Launch!

Thank you to everyone who has been waiting for access to Adcole Online Video Training.  Our Beta testing cycle is complete and we are ready to launch this product!  Note that we are offering special introductory pricing for a limited time.  To take advantage of the offer, sign up for our newsletter at the end of this post (note: this is separate from the Adcole Newsletter and contains specific information about this program.

By now, you have probably heard about some of the changes we are making at Adcole to introduce new products and services.  Today I’d like to tell you know about Adcole Online Video Training, which I believe represents an effective new way to train your employees, in the operation and maintenance of your Adcole equipment.  For less than the cost of on-site training, your employees can have a full year of access to our training program!

Our new training program consists of online video training classes that you can use and re-use to train employees in maintenance, programming and operation of Adcole equipment.  The videos are task based and between 3 to 5 minutes long.  They are designed to allow the trainee to become immediately effective, because the tasks are shortened to a few steps and are easily learned.  It’s no longer necessary to learn the entire gage manual, before you are able to program a part, or perform maintenance.  Step by step instructions will guide the trainee to completion of each task.  What’s more, the videos can be referred to as often as they need them.  You can use the service to train new employees, or just refresh memories–no notes required!  Adcole Online Video Training is also a very cost-effective way to train your employees in other countries, or to deal with high employee turnover rates.
Our site is live and you are welcome to poke around.  It will get prettier with time, but for now I can say that it is….functional.  Sign up below to get three sample videos, to see if Adcole Video Training is right for you.  Each video will teach you something about maintenance or programming of the equipment.  Please note that not every sample video will not specifically address your gage model or interests, but that is intentional.  We want to show you a variety of what Adcole Video Training can offer the various people in your company.  For now, check out the site and watch the intro video on our main page.


To get  3 Free Videos and Get Discounted Pricing, sign up below:

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Note: this mailing list is separate from the Adcole Newsletter and is for those that are especially interested in this training opportunity.

After you take a couple seconds to fill out your name and email, you’ll be directed to a page which will tell you what to do next, to ensure our emails get through.

Thank you for your interest in Adcole Training!

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