Training Modules

Our video training consists of Suites that address a subject or job responsibility.  Each Suite consists of individual lessons, called Modules.  Currently, our available Suites are:

  • Training for Manufacturing Engineers
  • Training for Adcole Operators and Programmers
  • Training for Maintenance Personnel

Scheduled Modules for each Suite are listed below and more will be added.  As modules are added they will appear in bold typeface, followed by the video.   Complete suites, on DVD, will be available after the introductory period.  Until then, you can take advantage of the early pricing, shown on our “Pricing” page.

Each module teaches a concept or task and takes less then 10 minutes to complete. You do not need any prior experience with the product and modules need not be followed in any particular order.

Note: Some modules apply to more than one category and may be repeated where relevant.

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1) Training for Manufacturing Engineers:

  • Interpreting Adcole Error Plots
  • Understanding Journal Parameters
  • Adcole 3D Color Mapping Overview

  • Understanding Camshaft Parameters
  • Saving Error Data to an ASCII file for offline processing (free, when you sign up for our training introduction):

  • Run a Gage Inspection Sequence (free, when you sign up for our training introduction)

  • Changing Plot Magnification
  • Understanding the Angular Location of Anomalies shown on the plot
  • Chatter Analysis Tolerance Options:

    • Multi-Window Lobing
    • Options for Saving All Data
    • Verifying Blue Print Data

      • and more!


2) Training for Adcole Operators and Programmers:

      • Gage Software Interface Overview:

      • Overview of Working Arrays

      • Demo Mode for Troubleshooting Gage Programs:

      • Verifying Blue Print Data

      • Preparing Data Tables for Camshafts:

      • Preparing Data Tables for Crankshafts:

      • Preparing Lift Files:

      • Errtran Utility Part 1:

      • Ertran Utility Part 2:

      • Preparing an Inspection Sequence
      • How to Change Tolerances
      • >Using Macros (allows for a simpler sequence):

      • Make a New Sequence from your Existing Sequences
      • How to Interpret Plots
      • 3D Mapping Using Macros:

        • Saving profiles from an unknown cam
      • Asperity (dirt) filtering and removal options:

      • Global Storage:

      • Processing Oil Holes

      • Setting Calibration Diameters
      • Add a 3D Thrustwall Measurement to Your Sequence
      • Output Report and SPC template creation:


      • SPC Options
      • and more!

3) Training for Maintenance Personnel:

      • Headstock Center Alignment (free, when you sign up for our training introduction):

      • Model 1200 Laser Receiver Adjustment (new, high resolution laser counters)

      • O-Scope Set Up and Verification of 911 Follower Signal:

      • Adjusting Follower Height
      • Replacement of 1200 Follower and Correction File:

      • Model 1100/1200 Follower Wear Correction:

      • Model 1310 Follower Rebuild
      • Model 911/1304/1310 follower signal adjustment
      • Understanding and changing plot magnification
      • Creating a Waycor file
      • Headstock photocell adjustment
      • Model 1200 Laser Alignment
      • Model 1000 Probe Balance
      • Model 1000 Journal Stylus Probe Replacement:

      • Model 1000 Pickup Amplifier Adjustment:

      • and more!


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