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Announcing Adcole Video Training

Adcole is pleased to announce an innovative new approach to training gage operators, electricians, and PowerTrain Engineers.  Adcole Corporation is the industry leader in Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machines and they are ubiquitous in the auto and heavy diesel industries.  However, until now, learning their use and capabilities required on-site training.

To address this issue, we have designed video training modules to educate the professional, regarding the unique capabilities of the Adcole gauge.  Our videos teach the capabilities and operation of the Adcole gage, along with associated engineering knowledge.  A series of training videos is designed to cost less than a single Adcole Field Service call.  The videos offer short lessons (less than 5 min each) that give insightful information regarding subjects like:

Understanding the Gage Outputs and Results

Adcole Gage Programming and Operation

Gage Maintenance

So, please feel free to look around our website, as we prepare to launch this new and innovative program in June of 2015.  Also, be sure to sign up for our training into newsletter, while you are at it.  It will let you know when new material is added and inform you of special pricing options.  You’ll also have access to our discussion blog, where we will tackle specific manufacturing problems and discuss, learn and advance engine component metrology.

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  1. Scott Pickel says:

    Video training looks interesting for our technicians, please keep me posted.

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